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Mobile Science Workbench

Mobile Science Workbench

REF CN0101

To reinforce science's role in the process of teaching and
learning, and bring experimental work to the core of
education is the purpose of this mobile, compact lab that
supports and accommodates a set of materials and
equipment which can be fully customised, both in terms of
logos and kits (basic sciences, biology, physics or others).

Structure made of sheet steel
Epoxy paint
Two side doors made of sheet steel and locks with keys
Acid-resistant work surface
Four wheels (two with brakes) and two side handles for moving
Total load capacity of 280 kg
Polypropylene sink
Power sockets, 220/240 V, 50/60 Hz
Water pump
It includes a first aid kit and one 1 Kg 40% ABC Powder Fire Extinguisher (5A-34B)

All scientific experiments are performed on the surface
of the workbench, which is resistant to acids. The Mobile
Science Workbench allows easy access to water and
electricity, having two tanks, each of them with a
10-litre capacity. One pumps water to the tap, the other
works as waste water collection system, and it is
connected to the drain of the sink.

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